Potion of Invisibility

The invisibility potion is a potion of the Skyrim videogame. Skyrim is a game of fantasy, potions, war and dragons. But I’m going to talk about my favorite potion of the game.

The invisibility potion is my favorite potion, because invisibility is the best power you can have, but it carries a great responsibility, both outside and inside the game, achieving invisibility is not easy. It can be achieved in two different ways. The first is to use the power of the legend, which allows you to be invisible for 300 seconds, but it can only be used once a day. The other way is to create the potion, there are invisibility potions of different sizes, that is, the more size the potion has, the longer its effect takes. It is the most complicated way, but at the same time profitable.

David Cavia, 3º ESO

You need to obtain a series of ingredients to make it:

  • Ala de actias luna.
  • Teeth of the ice spectrum.
  • Cure the eggs.
  • Vampire dust.
  • The root of nirn crimson.
  • Climbing ash.

With invisibility, you can do many things, for example: you can rob anyone with more discretion, you can not be discovered, you can flee a conflict without being discovered, etc.

And this has been my recipe.