Unicorn cake

Why have we chosen this recipe?

Since we heard “fantasy” all of us thought the same: “rainbow”. After being sure we wanted to do a colorful dessert we started thinking about what to do. A simple and easy recipe that children would love. That was our single rule. And that afternoon we had already the dessert: A simple colorful cake.

Also, unicorns are loved by every single person so we have inspired on unicorns for this recipe.


A long time ago there were some strange and wonderful creatures who possessed the body as the most beautiful horses on earth, and also, a magical horn in the center of their forehead. These creatures, called unicorns, were white and believed to have come from Indian lands. The unicorns had to hold so much magic, that any person could not see them, but, on the contrary, there were very few lucky people who had the privilege of observing them. Those who came to do so were people who had a good and pure heart, qualities that were very easily traceable by unicorns. The horns of the unicorns had healing and healing properties, and they were so powerful that it is said that they could cure very dangerous and deadly diseases. Many even said that they contained the necessary ingredients to reach eternal youth.

Celia Bermejo, Patricia López-Dóriga y Claudia Pérez, 4º ESO

Unicorn cake



•5 eggs (size L)

•300g of sugar

•300ml of olive oil

•200g of lemon yogurt

•1/2 spoon of vanilla extract

•Lemon sleeve

•420g of flour

•1.5 spoons of yeast

•Food color (green, blue, pink, purple and yellow)


•600g of butter

•600g of icing sugar

•1 spoon of coconut paste

How to cook it

  1. We sift and add the powdered ingredients and then add the liquids little by little beating the dough.
  2. We separate the mixture into 5 bowls, each of which is different and varied, separate batches in the same mold we will bake. (About 15-20 min. 180°C).
  3. Once we have baked the different parts, we assemble them one on top of the other, sticking them together with a thin and generous layer of our buttercream.
  4. You can arrange the colors in the way you prefer, but we advise you to follow the colors of the rainbow.

If you want: When you have the finished cake you can cut out the excess leftovers and give it a round shape, and the outside of this one you can cover with white fondant and add a unicorn horn with more of that fondant.