“Mamma Mia” con Smoothie de Sofía

My proposal is the film Mamma Mia and Banana, Strawberry and Watermelon Smoothie.
I´ve chosen this proposal because one of my favourite films is Mamma Mia and this film is developed in a paradisiacal island and I link this with Smoothies because they’re refreshing tasty and yummy.  Moreover I’ve chosen banana, strawberries and watermelon because they’re my favourite summer fruits. Would you like to take a Smoothie in a paradisiacal island?
Sofía Bilbao Díez, 3º Secondary

THE RECIPE: Banana, strawberry and watermelon Smoothie
This is a really easy recipe but the result is a delicious one!
⦁    500 g of cut watermelon
⦁    250 g of strawberries
⦁    2 bananas
⦁    4 ice cubes
⦁    A lime juice
⦁    Firstly we have to clean the ingredients, and then we have to peel and chop them.
⦁    Secondly, we have to put them into a mixer or a blender.
⦁    Then, we add the ice cubes and the lime juice.
⦁    Finally we churn and mix the mixture until getting the consistency that we want.

NOTE: If you want a creamier smoothie or a kind of ice cream you can refrigerate the fruit in the fridge.

MAMMA MIA! (2008)
Directed by Phyllida Lloyd
⦁    Meryl Streep
⦁    Amanda Seyfried            *Writer: Caroline Johnson
⦁    Stellan Saksgard            *Production Company: Universal Studios
⦁    Christine Baranski            *Original title: Mamma mia!
⦁    Nancy Baldwin                *Countries: USA, UK, Germany
⦁    Pierce Brosnan                *Language: English
⦁    Mia Sosteriou                *Rating: PG 13
⦁    Heather Emmanuel            *Runtime: 1h 48m
⦁    Colin Firth                *Release date: -Spain: 8th /8/2008
⦁    Julie Walters                        -UK: 30th/6/2008
This film is called “Mamma mia” and it is a romantic-comedy-musical film. It was directed by Phyllida Lloyd, written by Caroline Johnson and produced by universal studios. It’s songs are sung by the Swedish group ABBA.
Sophie (the main character) is a young girl who lives at her mother’s hotel, which is such a disaster, and really damaged,  It’s situated in a geek island. Sophie is going to get married with her boyfriend, Sky, but her mother has never told her who her father is. And after finding three possible fathers, she invites them without her mother’s knowledge. Suddenly, they arrive and all of them try to know who will go with Sophie to the alter in her wedding day.
What I most liked were the sung parts because they´re a scene (representation) and a song together. Furthermore, ABBA’s songs are good. I wouldd like to recommend this film to families because it is such an interesting, funny and fun film.