Football Crepe

I have chosen this recipe because it was one I liked very much and I love football. It´s amused me a lot doing the recipe because in the first attempt I burnt a crepe. In the second attempt I already did it very well. The crepe was delicious.


Football Crepe
⦁    1 banana
⦁    Mass of Crepe
⦁    Milk
⦁    Chocolate
⦁    Water
⦁    Brush to cook
⦁    Knife
⦁    skillet


  1. The first is to mix the milk with the mass of crepe and stir up, until it remains a homogeneous dissolution.
  2. The second  is to pour the mix to the skillet and cook it to slow fire.
  3. Later you cut the banana in slices and you put them on the crepe.
  4. After you do another crep and you put it on the banana.
  5. To finish you throw the chocolate on the crepe and you draw the forms that your want to.

History of crep
A crepe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. While crepes are often associated with Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, their consumption is widespread in France, Belgium, Quebec and many parts of Europe, North Africa and the Southern Cone of South America. Crepes are served with a variety of fillings, from the simplest with only sugar to flambéed crêpes Suzette or elaborate savoury galettes.
⦁    Homogeneo-homogeneus
⦁     Sartén- skillet
⦁    Trigo- buckwheat
⦁    Extendido- widespread

Manuel Cagigas, 4º ESO