Strawberry With Apple Face

I choose this recipe because I eat a lot of fruit and I like it  but I think there are a lot of people that don´t eat it and it is very important because if you don´t eat well you can be over weight, and I choose it too because for me  the faces of the strawberries are like the faces of the swimmers.
César Torre  3º ESO

  1. Prepare a cup of wáter with salt where we put the apple balls
  2. Use a balls cuter and cut five balls of Apple and put it in the cup
  3. Later repeat it with the strawberryes
  4. Now you can take off  the Apple balls of the cup with water , and put the chocolate shaves  in the middle  of it
  5. To do the eyes of the strawberryes  , you have to do Little balls with black
  6. Now you can put the faces of Apple in the strawberrys