Octopus with Potatoes, la receta de Iván Salmón

I choose this recipe because I really like octopus. There are others ways to cook but for me this is what I like because it’s delicious. I connected the recipe with diving because this sport is practiced at sea and octopus is a sea animal.
One summer we went on holiday in Cadiz and ate this recipe in a restaurant and as we really liked my mother to added to his cookbook.
⦁    Four or five large potatoes.
⦁    An octopus of a kilogram.
⦁    Coarse salt.
⦁    Olive oil.
Additional Ingredients
⦁    Green or black olives.
⦁    Fresh tomato.
⦁    Lettuce.
⦁    Green or red pepper.
⦁    Onion.
⦁    Mayonnaise.

  1. We put in a saucepan to heat water with potatoes and coarse salt. When the water boils add the octopus and cook about twenty minutes. We prod potatoes with a fork when they are soft we took them. We let the octopus and potatoes cool.
  2. We peel potatoes and cut into small pieces and also the octopus and put in a bowl with additional ingredients you want to add and olive oil.

Potatoes – Patatas.
Octopus – Pulpo.
Coarse salt – Sal gorda.
Olive oil – Aceite de oliva.
Green or black olives – Aceitunas verdes o negras.
Fresh tomato – Tomate natural.
Lettuce – Lechuga.
Green or red pepper – Pimiento verde o rojo.
Onion – Cebolla.
Mayonnaise – Mayonesa.
Heat water – Calentar agua.
Prod potatoes – Pinchar las patatas.
Let the octopus an potatoes cool – Dejar enfriar el pulpo y las patatas.
Peel potatoes – Pelar las patatas.
Cut – Cortar.
Put in a bowl – Poner en una fuente.
To add – Añadir.
Saucepan – Cazuela.
Fork- Tenedor.
Bowl – Fuente.
Diving is a sport in which a person is immersed in the sea for a recreational activity or research. This sport has been practiced for thousands of years for get food or treasures like pearls. There are two types of diving:
-Apnea in which only a diving mask, snorkel and fins are needed.
-Scuba diving where you needed diving mask, snorkel, diving suit, boots, diving belt, air bottle and fins. Also you need a training course to practice.
It’s a very beautiful but also dangerous sport because there are people who have died.
The most famous diver in the world is Jacques Cousteau that made many documentaries of the underwater world.